Why Covenant

At CovenantES, we are dedicated to recruiting talent to transform your company. As experienced career coaches, we are also dedicated to coaching professional individuals to further their success.

Our Values

We treat you with respect and ask the same of you:
our clients are our partners.


The quality and professionalism of our work is customized to the client situation. We know how to engage and advise leadership and professionals at every level to create greater success.


In a time of internet transparency and fluid ethics, we are careful and discreet to keep our client's situation and goals confidential. Our emphasis is on candidate excellence, client advantage and individual achievement.

Fee Structure

We are performance-driven and invoice to match service delivery points. Our professional retainer fees are transparent and competitive.

Placement Guarantee

Our recruiting services for placed candidates are guaranteed 1‑year.

Career Coaching Service

Our coaching services are offered in 5-hour segments to ensure individual progress.