What We Do

Founded in 2010, CovenantES is a generalist executive recruiting and career coaching/advisory firm. We help companies grow. Our partners have more than 50 years of experience in successfully helping to transform companies and propel careers.

Work Hand in Hand with You

We have partnered with publicly-traded and family-owned companies, ranging from small to global multinationals in the recruitment of Board Members and line management. This includes CEOs, Presidents, COOs, Divisional Heads, SVPs, and VPs. We have recruited functional leadership in Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, Sales, and Supply Chain.

Our Private Clients

We work with private equity firms and investors to recruit CEOs and CFOs who can drive top-line growth, restructure portfolio companies, and ensure ROI for an exit. We coach  professionals to further their career success.

Our International Clients

We work with European companies to recruit US leadership who can lead and collaborate effectively through cultural nuances to drive growth.

Relevant Business Sectors

We have been successful in:

  • Advanced Technology/Software

  • Commercial Banking

  • Consumer Products and Distribution

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Life Sciences/Pharma

  • Private Equity

How We Do It

We listen to our clients and partner with them to address their specific talent needs, organizational situations, or provide career advice. Next, we develop a clear project plan to be in covenant with them, recruit the right talent to achieve their tactical or strategic plans or achieve career objectives. We always strive to get to the right outcome.

Corporate Clients

We engage in a systematic process that is research-based and driven by intelligent, confidential communication. Our team performs custom work strategically and efficiently everytime.

Career Professionals

We strategize with each individual to create a coaching plan for further success.


We enter into an exclusive covenant with each client.


All of our services are specifically designed for each corporate or individual situation. You can be sure that we will attend to all of your needs efficiently.

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